Banned from Adsense but you are not guilty ? Tips to recover.

Google AdSense is one of the best contextual advertising services out there, but it is also famous for coming down hard on those it claims to be in violation of Google’s policies. If your AdSense account has been banned, you have a number of options available to help you get past this crisis.

Appeal to Google

Regardless of whether your AdSense account has been banned due to invalid clicks or other violations of Google’s policies, you can appeal their decision if you feel that you have been wrongly penalized. Google only accepts such appeals sent through their Policy Violation Appeal found in AdSense support. Simply fill out the form with your contact information and be prepared to provide a convincing reason why your account should be reinstated.

Be warned that success rates with appeals to Google are not high, meaning that you should not count on a successful appeal as your first and most realistic solution for recovering from the ban. Furthermore, if your initial appeal is rejected, there is a good chance that Google will simply ignore further appeals on your part.

Opening Another AdSense Account

Some people go as far as to change their web hosting option and website details in order to open another AdSense account after being their old ones have been banned. Unsurprisingly, this is both unethical and clear grounds for a second banning.
However, you can open a second AdSense account legitimately after your first one has been banned if you are willing to set up a legitimate business and set up the account in its name. Similarly, you can also apply for a second AdSense account legitimately using your personal name if the AdSense account for your business was the one that ended up being banned.
Remember that you need to set up a legitimate business for this approach to be acceptable, meaning that you’ll need to register your business with your government, get it unique tax identification, and then set up a bank account for your business. In sum, setting up a business simply to open a new AdSense account is both impractical and time-consuming.

Alternatives to AdSense

Your best method for dealing with an AdSense ban is to build your website so that you can simply roll with the blow and come back up as strong as ever. Although you should do so even if your AdSense account hasn’t been banned, there is no better time to start that right after your old revenue stream has been cut off.

Here are some alternatives to Google AdSense that you can use:

  • You can sign on with another contextual advertising service like Adbrite or Chitika. Carefully examine the pros and cons of each option by reading their sales pitch and consulting their users. You may want to pick out a contextual advertiser that will let you run other forms of advertising on your website so that you’re covered in case you lose another revenue stream.
  • Look into pay per lead programs that pay you a set amount each time one of your visitors clicks on the ad and then carries out a specified action. You’ll get a higher sum for each successful action, but getting visitors to carry out those actions can be difficult. Common examples include getting visitors to fill out surveys, sign up for free services, and downloading certain files.
  • You might be able to perform marketing for an affiliated business like Amazon if you have a good reputation and a solid, well-established user base that listens to your opinions.
Author Bio:
David Kendall contributed this guest post on behalf of Who Is Hosting This. David has been advertising with Adsense for years and he has seen it all. He is also a freelance technology writer whose articles appear on various technology blogs.
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